Centro Clínico Smart Salud Torrevieja

'Centro Clínico Torrevieja', more forcefully and with higher quality than ever before we keep always the Spirit founded on the Hippocratic tradition honest and scientific, coupled with a warm inviting atmosphere for the patient

Today our goal as SMART SALUD Torrevieja Clinical Center in Ramón Gallud,131 Bajo, is a necessary complement in the sanitary map of the area, as a medical clinic and psychotechnical center in the day a day for the resident population and in the format of assistance outpatient care by appointment. Always very close to the patient and always efficient, both medically and operationally.

Mission & Vission

Our vocation, vision and objective

The vocation of the Medical Clinic and Driver Center SMART SALUD is that of a current and modern clinic, preserving the face-to-face and traditional consultations, but updated with online appointments, medically digitized and with a private Tele-medicine Service and for the most important insurancecompanies. The Clinic and the Driving License Aptitude Test Center (“Psicotécnico”) are complemented by a series of Specific Services of enormous utility for all users and patients who visit our center. (see specific medical services.)

The clinic and the drivers' psycho-technical center are complemented with a series of specific services of enormous utility for all users and patients who visit our center( specific medical services. )

You can visit us:
From 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. In the afternoons we are open only for specialists consultations by appointment

+34 96 629 05 07

For appointments